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Army of Sith Republic

Originally founded in 2007 by Shawn Hutchinson, ASR has its roots within the SLMC since it's days on the Teen Grid. Since converting to the Main Grid, the group has continued to resiliently adapt and evolve over the years.

Combat Sim Rules


ASR is primarily divided into two sectors.

Combat Sector: Focused on the battlefield, this sector prioritizes weapons development and the training of its members for battle.

Civilian Sector: While still part of the same group, this sector focuses on bringing together a more public-focused aspect with its events. They encompass the roleplay, club, and other aspects which would otherwise typically be considered off-duty for a standard SLMC group.


The Beginning

ASR began it’s reign on August 15th, 2007 by Emperor Shawn Hutchinson. With only a few followers, Emperor Hutchinson created the first base in the lands of Unreal. The ruler of Unreal gave haven to those that followed Emperor Hutchinson and allowed them to grow in size of personnel and technology.

While members of ASR were scouting the base of the enemies of the Spartan Empire, Spartan personnel stopped the ASR personnel from further investigating which led to a conflict leading back to the lands of Unreal.

After an anti-climatic battle that led with the Spartan Empire leaving back to their land, the ruler of Unreal banished Emperor Hutchinson and ASR from returning to the land. With no land to call their own, members of ASR continued to travel across distant lands until they were able to finally settle in the lands of Bannockburn

Bannockburn (January 2008)

Bannockburn was a vaste land with not only unlimited resources but also had a defensive advantage over all other militaries. Thanks to the charity of one land owner, ASR was able to establish a small outpost to regather their strength.

While Bannockburn had a vast amount of resources and land, much of the land was settled by different groups unassociated with the military conflicts. ASR used this to their advantage to conquer nearby land and continue growing the outpost into a base that is known today as Bastion.

Bastion Complex (January 2008 - August 2008)

The Bastion Complex was the first major base for ASR that held true growth of the Empire. Emperor Hutchinson oversaw the creation of new technology at Bastion, including the new standard armor that was one of the most technology advanced armor sets for its time.

As ASR continued to grow, the enemies of ASR grew as well.

In June of 2008, Emperor Hutchinson left the Bastion Complex to further expand his influence and gain more land across the known areas. Within hours of Emperor Hutchinson’s departure, a raiding party of Valkyrie Alliance attacked the Bastion Complex.

As ASR personnel rallied to defend their base, a member of the Emperor’s Council, Lord Unforseen Zehetbauer betrayed the members of ASR and outed himself as a Valkyrie Alliance Officer and spy. With morale low, ASR members held out as long as they could to push Valkyrie Alliance out of the Bastion Complex. While successful in holding the base, ASR lost critical technology and leadership with the attack from Valkyrie Alliance and betrayal of one of their own.

With Emperor Hutchinson’s return in the next month, it was decided Bastion would be deconstructed and a new base would be built in it’s place. This new base would be called the Montmortas Complex and would begin what would be known as the Autumn Era.

Montmortas Complex (August 2008 - November 2008)

The Montmortas Complex saw the biggest gain of personnel and technology ASR would see up to that point. A large stronghold built in the center of Bannockburn, Montmortas had the ability to see any attack coming and properly defend against any invader. Battle lines were drawn during this time with Empire New Rome a strong ally of ASR against militaries such as Valkyrie Alliance, Black Talon, and Ne’tra. ASR continued to prosper as a rising military until the activation of Black Talon Operation “Black Crusade”.

Operation Black Crusade (November 2008)

As ASR continued to grow, a new upcoming officer named Xanthos Exonar was able to gain influence with Emperor Hutchinson by providing land and other resources with the promise of expanding ASR. Within a few weeks in a position of leadership, Operation Black Crusade activated and Xanthos Exonar was able to take control of ASR land. All ASR personnel were pushed back to a haven in a land called Huntingdon where they reinforced their position and prepared for their counter offensive to retake Bannockburn.

The Purging (November 2008)

After various combat campaigns, ASR reclaimed Bannockburn for themselves and re-established their newest base, Vitalus_I. The newest base, a fortress to prevent any catastrophes like Operation Black Crusade from happening again did not last long. Shortly after it’s construction, the military Black Talon, still angry over ASR’s reclaiming of Bannockburn, hacked into ASR’s main dataframe. This allowed Black Talon to wipe all information related to ASR’s technology and blew up the main reactor within Vitalus_I, destroying the base, and sending ASR personnel into a frenzy to evacuate before the destruction. The Purge left a scar on ASR that would take months to regroup and rebuild into what would them one of the largest powerforce on the Teen Grid.

This started with the creation of the Retribution Citadel.

The Retribution Citadel (December 2008 - January 2009)

Thanks to newly recruited Engineer Ferren Darkstone, ASR was able to construct their new base, the Retribution Citadel, within a short time frame. The Retribution Citadel allowed ASR to redesign their technology and rebuild their forces. While the Retribution Citadel did not last long, it allowed ASR to rebuild their foundation and move onto their Third Era, also known as the Rebirth Era.

Rebirth Era (January 2009 - May 2009)

By January of 2009, ASR was back to it’s full strength before Operation Black Crusade. By this time, Black Talon leadership was disappearing and their collapse was all but certain. With nearly all of Bannockburn conquered, Emperor Hutchinson decided to once again build the impregnable fortress known as Vitalus II.

With Vitalus II built, ASR became a powerhouse among other militaries on the grid. The great militaries of Black Talon and New Rome were undone. Valkyrie Alliance, the main antagonizer of ASR, lost several leaders that weakened their standings with other militaries. By May of 2009, the second great Valkyrie Wars commenced with ASR leading never ending battles on VA’s base in Mizithra. Within a month, Valkyrie Alliance collapsed with the disappearance of their leaders. ASR became the sole powerhouse military within the grid.

Golden Era (June 2009 - January 2010)

With the start of the Golden Era, many stood up against ASR to question their rule. This did not last as ASR would continue to destroy militaries that would rise up and take their lands for their own. Fewer enemies challenged ASR which led to a peace of ASR expansion and increase in military technology. The Golden Era would abruptly end with the disappearance of Emperor Hutchinson and what would be known as The Hibernation.

The Hibernation (February 2010 - January 2011)

With the disappearance of Emperor Hutchinson, the future of ASR looked bleak. Technology advances stalled as members focused on maintaining ASR lands and troop size. One of the ASR council members, known as Polaris Daylight, took the mantle of ASR as Arc Lord to lead the remaining ASR members through these tough times.

The era of The Hibernation saw little to no prosperity for ASR. As Arc Lord Daylight did what he could to hold ASR together, their land and member size started to decrease rapidly. One absurper used this opportunity to steal the lands of Bannockburn and claim himself as the new Emperor of ASR. This did not last long as ASR command swiftly removed the false Emperor from power. The removal of the false Emperor was bittersweet as it was the last time ASR would possess the lands of Bannockburn.

The Great Merge (January 2011)

The final straw that saw the collapse of ASR was The Great Merge. All existing militaries were thrown into an unknown land, expected to compete with existing militaries that were rooted in their lands for years. ASR would once again try to rebuild their forces under the leadership of Arc Lord Daylight who would eventually step down for a new member of the council, Arc Lord Savage Badger.

Reconstruction Era (July 2011 - December 2012)

With the departure of Polaris Daylight, Arc Lord Badger took the reins along with Loyalist and long time council member Lord Raymund Gothly. While both Arc Lord Badger and Lord Gothly attempted to bring the forces of ASR back together, they would not be the powerhouse military that ASR once was. Not much is known during this era, but ASR would remain idle until the Emperor would reappear once more.

Return of the Emperor (May 2015)

As ASR remained idle, a communication came through that no one would have expected; Emperor Hutchinson had returned. ASR began their rebuild once more with Emperor Hutchinson leading them but stayed in the shadows to not gain unwanted attention.

The Second Rebirth (April 2020 - Present)

With ASR having rebuilt their strength, they once again make themselves known to the other militaries. Thanks to the seizures of the great city of Kessel Landing and their Spice Mines, ASR continues it’s conquest with a new military complex built on land claimed as the second Bannockburn. ASR has built their technology ten-fold with a power force not seen in several Eras. ASR continues to strive to be the powerhouse they are, maintaining the military superiority they are known to have.

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